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Design.ME Hair Products

I am quite lucky when it comes to my hair as it has always been in pretty good condition really. Maybe not as good as it used to be with the amount of bleaching I have put it through though. BUT considering the amount of times I have actually bleached it, I always think to myself it could be a whole lot worse. My hair used to be really soft and curly, but a lot of the curls have dropped out compared to how it used to be. My main problem is dryness though as sometimes it does feel scarily dry. I was recently sent these Design.ME goodies to try out and I was hoping that they may be able to help me out a little bit.


Design.ME are a Cruelty Free hair brand who provide hairstylist approved products. The packaging on all of their items is really cute, each product is a different colour and I love the pastel theme that they have going on.

One of the items sent was Fab.ME * – a moisturising mist that does a bit of everything really. It detangles, hydrates and protects and with hair as dry as mine can be sometimes, I like any kind of moisture help I can get! Anything that says it can add moisture is usually a winner for me. The other item was Puff.ME * – a volumising powder spray. This puffs out, a bit like talcum powder and creates volume.

Design.ME Hair Products review

I have been using Fab.ME after a good few hair washes now and my hair is definitely a lot softer once it has dried. Instead of spraying directly onto my hair, I have been spraying it into my hands and rubbing it into my hair like a balm which makes it super soft. I really like the smell too, I can’t put my foot on it exactly but it has a slight perfumed scent which reminds me of being on holiday. When I wear my hair down, I keep getting wafts of it throughout the day which is nice and refreshing. Along with the other items I have been using on my hair, I think I am getting there when it comes to repairing the damage on it.

I like to use Puff.ME when I am putting my hair up to add a bit of bounce. You only need a tiny amount, say 1-2 puffs to create a little bit of volume. Personally, I hate backcombing my hair. I always have, even before I bleached it, but now I just get a bit scared that my hair will snap as it never seems very happy being backcombed. This is a perfect alternative though as it creates the volume but doesn’t make my hair super knotty either.

I have really enjoyed using both of these products and now I definitely want to hunt down some more! ❤

* These items were kindly gifted to me to feature, however as always, all thoughts are my own. Read my full Disclaimer here.

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