Monthly Roundup • July

Well hello August! I mean A-U-G-U-S-T though?! I honestly don’t know where these months are going at all! Annoyingly I spent most of July with the worst cold and sinus infection, which explains my lack of blogging and just anything really. I just felt so run down, but luckily Lewis was on hand to supply me with Bournville buttons and medicine. This meant that I never really went anywhere in July and stayed in pretty much feeling sorry for myself. I feel a million times better now, so I am hoping August brings me a little more excitement. A couple of things did happen though…

My hair finally seems to have gone the most perfect pink shade. It’s just a shame that it only lasts a day before my roots start showing through – dark hair problems! I wish we could pause and speed up hair growing when we wanted. It would be so much easier when we wanted to keep a style and we could get rid of it instantly if we hated it.

The gardening obsession continues this month and the most beautiful roses have started to grow in my garden. The colour of this one is just lovely. It’s just a shame that it’s either 4 million degrees or pouring down with rain, so I can’t go outside to appreciate them!

Being ill did also mean that I didn’t get to play around with makeup that much this month which was a shame as I really wanted to play with these super glittery liners. I have worn tried them the last few days though and they are perfect.

The stationery addict that I am seems to have notepads stashed away in every corner of the house. That’s why I was super chuffed to find this Adventure Time offering that I bought years ago. Sometimes I do love past Emily and her choices.

Meowth and Misty are their cute little selves as usual. Misty has found a new hiding place behind Lewis’ guitar and Meowth has taken to laying in the most awkward places, spread as long as she can across the floor ready to trip you over.

I took my mum to a Churros café that has just opened up in town. The minute the waiter said mint choc chip ice cream I was sold. I blooming love that flavour and the churros was amazing too!

So that’s my July all wrapped up. Hopefully August brings no colds or sinus infections and lots more sunshine! ❤


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  1. 6th August 2019 / 11:59 pm

    You hair is so pretty, I love me some Churros to and mint choc chip ice cream is my fave so that sounds live heaven, definitely need to get myself some!! xoxo

    • Emily
      28th August 2019 / 10:42 pm

      Ahh thank you! 🙂 I’m glad someone likes mint choc chip as much as me, it is definitely the best one!