Pop in a Box • May

nala lion king funko pop

It’s Pop in a Box time and this month’s addition came just in time for my birthday. I mentioned in my last post how May is flying by and it really hasn’t stopped. I seem to be having a month of getting distracted though, as I seem to have started a million jobs but not got around to finishing them yet. I really must get back to organising my days, it was definitely a lot easier and I was a lot more productive that I am now. Anyway when my Pop in a Box arrived this month, that was another little distraction.

This month I opened Nala from The Lion King and I love her. I am so, so happy that there is a new wave of Lion King Funko Pop’s around, as they are some of the cutest little Funko’s going and it is just the best film ever obvs. I already have the amazing Mufasa from this new collection but Nala was next on my list, so I am really pleased.

nala lion king funko pop

I can’t even remember how many times I have mentioned that I love The Lion King, but the love for that film just never stops. It’s funny as Nala was never really one of my favourite characters growing up, but the more I watch it being older, the more I love her. She is just one of those really sweet characters and this Funko Pop completely does her justice. Funko’s are just getting so much better as time is going on, the paintwork is a lot better and then are just really well made too.

I love the look on Nala’s face, it captures young Nala perfectly and I can’t wait to see if they will do a grown up version of her too. Next on my Lion King Funko Pop wishlist (after the ridiculously expensive Scar) is Rafiki with baby the cutest baby Simba ever.


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