Pop in a Box • April

wheezy funko pop

April’s Pop in a Box made it to me just in time, I started to think that I wasn’t getting a pop this month but then it suddenly appeared. I’m sure they are getting later at arriving each month, they are definitely worth the wait though as I still feel just as excited each tome they come.

This month I opened the brilliant little Wheezy from Toy Story. I am so pleased as Wheezy has been on my wanted list since I mentioned him in my January wishlist post. I am so glad that they have made a pop version of him, he is such a cute character and definitely deserves his own little pop version.

wheezy funko pop in a box

Toy Story is one of my favourite Pixar films ever. I remember watching it when I was little and being completely mesmerised with it. To be honest, nothing has changed as I still enjoy watching it whenever it’s on. I can’t believe it’s 24 years old though, it still feels like it has only been out 5 years!

Wheezy is quite a simple pop, but he looks just like the toy in the film, so he is spot on. Mine has a few marks on though, which is a bit annoying but it can’t be helped. It’s funny as the more detail that pops seem to have, the better the paint job is, as simple ones seem a bit hit or miss at the moment.

This arrival of this little guy is just perfect as he has showed up just in time for the new Toy Story film – which I cannot wait for! I’m really excited for it, although I have a feeling I am going to have to take a bag full of tissues with me, as once I start crying I can never stop!


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