Monthly Roundup • March

march 2019 monthly roundup

I can’t quite believe we have hit April already. I seemed to miss March completely, last time I checked it was Lewis’ birthday and then here we are, more than a week later in April, madness. I mentioned last month that I was going to start a little bit of a monthly roundup series of bits I have been up to and photos I have taken, so here we go..

  • Last month Misty and Meowth were looking cuter than ever. Misty loves to pose for the camera, whereas Meowth seems to know you are going to take a photo, stops what she is doing and walks away which is super annoying!
  • I got quite possibly the best slippers ever. I mean Sulley slippers will always be a winner in my eyes. I have tripped over them approx. 50 times though. Nothing will stop me wearing them, although I have just taken to only putting them on when I am sat down now LOL.
  • I decided to draw something other than a Pokémon for a change and drew this cute little Beetlejuice Dorbz. I am still working on it, but I kinda like how different this one is turning out.
  • I made Lewis a birthday cake and it wasn’t a total disaster. I mean, me, the girl that can barely cook toast without burning it. I was very impressed if I say so myself and I think this has definitely kickstarted me into baking more.
  • My hair has decided to fade into a bit of a purple ombré and I am feeling it. It never fades evenly, but I quite like this effect actually.
  • Last but not least, I hit 600 followers on this blog. I can’t quite believe it still and I want to thank you so much for all of the support you have given me over the years. I honestly love this blog as much as I did right at the beginning and it’s such a lovely feeling to know you lovely lot seem to be enjoying it as you are sticking around too!

I didn’t really get up to a lot in March at all, I have been that person that has just pretty much chilled everyday as soon as I have got in from work. To be completely honest, I have been waiting for the clocks to change for most of the month as SAD hit me pretty hard. Hopefully April slows down a little, I don’t like it when the lighter months go by too quickly, I like to absorb as much daylight as I possibly can! ❤


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