Funko Time • Snow White

Funko Pop Time Snow White

I cannot believe that we are halfway through March already. This month seems to be whizzing past quicker than anything. I must admit I am looking forward to the clocks changing at the end of the month though, it’s such a good feeling when everything is suddenly lighter. I’m not wishing time away too much though!

In my last post, I wrote about my favourite Disney films and I said I would forget one. Well it happened, I forgot Snow White didn’t I?! I love that film, she is totally one of my favourite princesses so I decided to dedicate a Funko post to her instead. This is a Funko that has sat in my collection for a good few months now. I have been obsessed with the Diamond Collection Funko Pop’s ever since I first discovered them and as soon as I saw the glittery Snow White, I knew I needed her. I think this was actually the first Diamond Collection Funko Pop that I ever bought, so she holds a special little place in my heart.

Diamond Collection Funko Pop Snow White

I really like the newer Funko Princess collection with their poses and swishy dresses, the fact they have covered them in glitter too just makes them even better. The style of this Snow White is much better than the original Snow White I have too, it’s not until you compare them that you can really see the difference. Funko have really upped their game recently and I am here for it.

I feel like I need to watch Snow White this weekend now, I can’t remember the last time I watched it singing ‘Heigh Ho’ at the top of my voice. This is such a classic film, I just love it.

Which Funko Pop would you like to see covered in glitter? ❤


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