Funko Time • Young Groot

Funko pop Time young Groot ravager

I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely cannot wait for the new Avengers film this year. I’m not one to wish time away, but I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. So if time could hurry just a little, that would be great! Thinking about the film has really inspired me for this week’s Funko Time, so I have decided to show you my Angry Ravager Groot. 

I have had this Funko Pop for a good while now and I seem to have started a little Groot collection without realising, as I currently have 6 of the little guys aha! He is one of my favourite characters though and I just cannot resist the Funko versions of him. There are certain characters where I feel I need as many Pop’s as I can and Groot is definitely one of them.

Funko pop Time young Groot ravager

I think Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the best Marvel films. I love the humour and the fact it is slightly different to the others. It hands down has one of the best soundtracks too, which is another reason I love it. Groot is one of the best characters, especially the young/baby version, he is just the cutest little thing.

This little pop is just lovely, his outfit makes him look even more adorable than usual. I love his sassy face too, its kind of the face that I pull when I am lacking sleep and don’t want to be spoken to aha. I am so glad that Funko Pops seem to be getting better with age, they are made so much better than they used to be and I am living for it.

I love this little guy and he is a perfect addition to my ‘Groot’ shelf. Now I just need to continue the countdown to the new film… ❤


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  1. Talia
    25th February 2019 / 2:23 am

    I love baby Groot! Also, Guardians Of The Galaxy is hands down one of the best films EVER! xx