Funko Time • Flounder

Flounder funko pop

To celebrate the sparkliest season of them all, I thought it was only right to show you one of the sparkliest Funko Pop’s that I have. I only discovered Diamond Collection Funko Pop’s fairly recently, after a conversation with my mum where I was saying that I would love it if glittery Funko’s existed, well it turns out that they actually do, who knew?!

Diamond Collection Funko Pop’s are basically versions of existing Pop’s but covered in glitter. My sparkly heart cannot cope with some of them, as they are adorable. The Disney Princesses especially, as their dresses look even more magical covered in sparkle. I don’t know quite why I haven’t picked one for a Funko Time before. I did manage to pick up a couple for my collection, before they sold out super fast and then jumped up to ridiculous prices. One glittery cutie that I managed to add to my collection is this little guy, Flounder.

Flounder funko pop

Flounder is such a cutie, although I find him slightly annoying in the film, he is a bit cute to look at. Just cover something in glitter and my opinion is swayed clearly! He is quite a simple little Pop in terms of detail, but with the glittery ones, I find that you don’t need too much detail as it gets a little messy with the glitter. I really like this little added effect to certain Pop’s, the Chrome ones are pretty cool too!

I haven’t actually watched The Little Mermaid in ages, I love having film binges over the Christmas period and I think this will definitely be one of them. ❤


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