Funko Time • Dapper Sally

Dapper Sally Funko Pop

Why is it as soon as I had all of the posts planned for Halloween in my head, I get the flu?! Honestly, I have just felt so rubbish over the past week and have even been on Annual Leave from work for a few days which makes it even worse. I haven’t managed to do any of the Spooky or fun things I had planned which is so, so annoying. Oh well, I will just have to focus on Christmas now instead!

This Funko post was originally planned for Halloween, but she is so good I couldn’t just drop her now it is over. I love The Nightmare before Christmas anyway and will find any excuse to watch it at any time throughout the year. I could probably recite it word for word, especially the songs. My TNBC Funko Pop collection is growing quite nicely and my newest addition is Dapper Sally.

Dapper Sally Funko Pop

I absolutely love this version of Sally, her dress is so pretty and she just looks super lovely. I love Dapper Jack too but can only find him for a stupid price now, typical me always leaving things. I definitely don’t buy Funko’s as often as I used to, any disposable income went down the drain when I moved out. I wouldn’t have it any other way, but I miss all of the Funko Pop and Makeup purchases ahaha!

You may have also noticed that there hasn’t been a Pop in a Box post for October either. It did arrive and I absolutely loved it BUT my mum had ordered the same one the day before as my Christmas prezzie, so I gave it away and it will make an appearance after Christmas LOL. It is suchhhhh a good one too!

There are so many good Nightmare before Christmas Pop’s being released lately, I just can’t keep up with them. The Oogie Boogie with bugs, is just the best! ❤


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