Five Little Things #5

Five Little Things #5 groot funko pop

If time could slow down a little, that would be great! I feel like one more blink and 2018 will be over. Time is completely flying away with me, hence there being such a big gap between blog posts. I really need to get better at organising my life, I think only a day has gone past and when I look it has been 3. It has been so nice to just sit and take time to blog today, I’ve missed it.

It’s nice to be thinking of the things that have been making me happy. I like writing these posts, sometimes you forget about the little things, so I have enjoyed taking the time to just stop and think about what has put a smile on my face. Here’s the latest little things that have been making me happy lately..

1 – Dark Lipstick – It seems like as soon as the weather changes, my inner vamp comes out. As soon as the cold weather hits, I automatically switch my lipsticks to the darkest shades that I have. I love a dark lip in the Winter and this year is no different. My current favourites are Urban Decay Moshpit and NYX Madrid (which I will be popping a little review up of shortly!).

2 – Fishtail Plaits – I have always been envious of anyone that can do a Fishtail Plait. For years, I thought that they would be much more complicated to do than they are. I was so pleased when I learnt, but my hair was super short, so I made my niece sit in front of me to practice. She has hair like Rapunzel so it is a dream to plait and play with. My hair is now long enough, so you will probably see me sporting a side fishtail plait for the rest if my life.

Five Little Things #5 cat bug funko pop

3 – Fairy Lights – They just make everything look better don’t they?! I have them dotted around the house throughout the year, but it’s when the Winter nights draw in that they really have the best effect. You can probably imagine how twinkly my house is at Christmas. GIMME ALL THE SPARKLE.

4 – Snuggly Jumpers and Scarves – As much as I hate being cold, I LOVE snuggly clothes. I have seen that it is supposed to start getting really cold this week where I live, so I am fully prepped with blanket scarves and jumpers to layer.

5 – Christmas Spirit – Now if you haven’t guessed by now, I love Christmas. It is the most wonderful time of year after all! I really start to get in the spirit at this time of year. I don’t know who I am kidding there, as I am ready for Christmas from September onwards, but I have to reign it in a little. I just love it when the shops start filling with Christmas bits, the smell of cinnamon is in the air and the festive cheer starts to spread. What’s not to love?!

So that’s another 5 little things I have been enjoying lately. What has been making you guys happy? ❤


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  1. 20th November 2018 / 1:48 pm

    I love all these things too, especially fishtail braids. I have a pixie cut so I can’t do them in my own hair anymore but I always do them in my little sister’s hair. She loves them too!

  2. 20th November 2018 / 10:10 pm

    I love Christmas too, I’m getting excited already! I also have this thing about fairy lights at the moment, I recently purchased some unicorn ones for myself x They are currently hanging on my wardrobe! Great post xxx