Urban Decay ‘Little Vices’ Lipstick Set

Urban Decay 'Little Vices' Lipstick Set

If I had to name my favourite makeup brand, I would definitely say Urban Decay. Every product that they bring out, I fall in love with. The quality and packaging is spot on and they are one of those brands that I find myself always going back to. I say going back as if I would ever leave to go anywhere else!

A few months ago, I was browsing my local counter and saw a discounted section. After my initial ‘OMG I need everything’, I managed to whittle my selection down to a few things. Once I saw this Little Vices lipstick set though, I knew I needed to have it. I blooming love a lipstick and was definitely not going to put this down.

Urban Decay 'Little Vices' Lipstick Set packaging

The Little Vices set contains 5 miniature lipsticks from Urban Decay’s range. It’ has such a nice variety of shades, from nude to bright and I honestly think that there is a lipstick for everyone in this selection. The packaging as usual is really pretty, it has such a simple gold design but looks so cute. I LOVE the branding of the Vice lipsticks, they just look so cool sat together on display. For once I managed to photograph it in all of it’s shiny glory too, without millions of smudges!

Urban Decay Little Vices Lipstick Set shadesUrban Decay Little Vices Lipstick Set Review beauty blog

As well as a variety of shades Little Vice’s contains a nice selection of finishes too. Cream, Comfort Matte and Metallized are all included and it makes such a nice change to have different types within the same set.

Urban Decay Little Vices Lipstick Set Swatches

At first glance, the colour payoff on these shades is amazing. Two swipes of the lipstick and the colour is opaque. It is a bit patchier on the end two Metallized shades though, I think the glitter stops the lipstick from gliding so smoothly.

I decided to give you my thoughts on each shade below, I am good to you lot…

Urban Decay Little Vices Lipstick Lovedrunk

Lovedrunk – Comfort Matte

Lovedrunk is a bold raspberry red shade. It glides on like a dream and is just super creamy. It isn’t as deep of a red as I thought it was going to be, but I really like the pink twist to it, it makes it a little softer to wear.

Urban Decay Little Vices Lipstick Violate

Violate – Cream

Violate is a cute little candy pink shade. I love it as it isn’t too in your face and for a bold pastel it is very wearable. This is the type of colour that I always lean towards in Spring.

Urban Decay Little Vices Lipstick 1993

1993 – Comfort Matte

1993 is a bit of a classic nude shade. It has a slight pink tint to it, but it is definitely a ‘lips but better’ kind of colour. It is the most subtle shade of the bunch and is so, so wearable.

Urban Decay Little Vices Lipstick Mad

Mad – Metallized

Mad is a nice bold fuschia shade. It reminds me a little of MAC ‘feel my pulse’ lipstick, with tiny metallic bits running through. This is probably one of the most in your face shades in the set, but it’s definitely worth a go.

Urban Decay Little Vices Lipstick Double Crossed

Double Crossed – Metallized

Double Crossed is a deep maroon shade. I LOVE IT. Although, it is probably one of the hardest to apply as it comes across very patchy. A few layers and a bit more time is definitely needed to get this looking spot on. This is such a perfect Vampy shade.

All of these lipsticks lasted at least 2-3 hours on me before showing signs of wear. The Metallized finishes wore off slightly quicker than the others, but I actually expected this as all metallic shades wear quickly on me, so wasn’t surprised at all.

Obviously being miniature, these are a fair bit smaller than the full size lipstick. I love sets like this thought as they give me a chance to try a lip shade before I invest in the full size version. ❤


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  1. 2nd November 2018 / 12:55 pm

    Ooh these look lovely! You suit all of the shades! <3 The violete and 1993 especially are my favourites <3 This is such a great set and like you say a great way to test them out before investing in the full size 😀 I'll definitely be looking into these for sure 😀


  2. 17th November 2018 / 7:06 am

    That dark shade looks so nice on you! I love wearing shades like that in winter for almost like a pop of colour, but you’re right, they can be really hard to apply!

    Julia // http://www.thesundaymode.com