Funko Time • Mermaid Deadpool

Mermaid Deadpool funko pop

I feel like mine and Lewis’ Deadpool Funko Pop collection is getting a little out of hand now. Every time we spot one, we both KNOW that it needs to be part of the collection. Even my mum is getting in on the action now, as this amazing Mermaid Deadpool was waiting for us when we got back from holiday. Eeeeeeeeee!

Funko Mermaid Deadpool funko pop

There is just something about this Funko Pop. Honestly, he is the most adorable thing ever! I think he may be my favourite themed Deadpool so far. I probably say this about them all, but I really mean it this time! I love all of the comic touches on him. The pose, the stars over his boobs, everything. I feel like this version completely sums up Deadpool as a character. For once, I don’t really mind that he is a bobble head either, his head doesn’t wobble as much as they seem to when the Pops are stood so it doesn’t annoy me as much.

We have a proper little Deadpool themed shelf going on in the Geek room now, as long as Lewis doesn’t start taking over my Disney corner, I don’t really mind too much. ❤


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  1. 27th September 2018 / 4:45 am

    Haha this is so cute, such a great design xoxo