Funko Time • Wizard Deadpool

funko pop wizard deadpool

When I saw the selection of themed Deadpool Funko Pop’s being released, I knew that we needed them for our Funko collection. After a little searching, I managed to track down the Wizard version. I decided to treat Lewis, as he loves Deadpool and I’m a nice kinda gal. Again, this is really just one of those situations where I’m buying a present for myself again. Double win.

funko time wizard dead pool

I really like this version of Deadpool, the Gandalf vibes are real. Out of all the themed Deadpool’s this is the one where he looks like he is trying to wear a disguise the most, it must be the moustache! I think Funko are really onto something with the themed Pop’s, they seem to work really well.

I really like this Pop, I just wish the Marvel characters didn’t have to be bobble heads. They don’t sit as well on my shelves, although that is just me being a fuss pot. Deadpool as a character has really grown on me, I love the fact that he is a bit edgy and the films are completely different to the other Superhero movies.

Next on my hit list is the Mermaid Deadpool, I can’t seem to find him anywhere that isn’t a stupid price, so the search continues…❤


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  1. 17th August 2018 / 5:47 pm

    OMG that Deadpool is actually perfect! D

  2. 21st August 2018 / 1:03 pm

    My partner and I love Marvel, but he’s not really a belongings type of person, so whenever I buy him something like a Pop Vinyl figure it’s usually more for me than it is for him 😂 He really loves Iron Man so I find it impossible not to buy him adorable Iron Man items, and whilst he likes every thing I get him, he knows they are somewhat for me too! Haha.