Givenchy ‘L’Eau en rose’ Eau de toilette

Givenchy 'L'Eau en rose' Eau de toilette

Ever since I started wearing perfume/nicking spray’s of my mums, Givenchy have always been one of my favourites. They are one of the names that has always stuck out to me whilst growing up. The original ‘Very Irrésistible’ perfume has always been one of my absolute favourites. It is definitely the perfume that I always go back and repurchase whenever I can. For Christmas, my mum treated me to L’Eau en rose’ a different take on my go-to scent. I was so excited to try it and have been spritzing it away ever since I opened it. I am just hoping I have enough left to last me over Summer now!

The bottle takes the same shape as all other perfumes in the ‘Very Irrésistible’ collection and is really simple but classy looking. I really like the colour, the ombré pastel peach is lovely for this time of year and makes me think of flowers blooming – when the Beast from the East isn’t here of course.

Givenchy 'L'Eau en rose' Eau de toilette review

The smell of this is so, so beautiful. I have mentioned on here before how much I love the smell of Rose and this doesn’t disappoint. I find that Rose can sometimes smell a bit old fashioned, but this has a nice modern twist to it. It is sweet and light and perfect for the warmer months. This fades really nicely too, after a few hours you are left with a subtle musky rose smell that isn’t overpowering at all.

I must admit, this hasn’t taken away my love for the original ‘Very Irrésistable’ fragrance, but it is a good edition to my collection. The love for Givenchy continues…


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  1. Rebecca Ellis
    30th May 2018 / 3:24 pm

    This perfume sells for us at work, it’s such a versatile fragrance and you really can’t put an age on it. I think it’s amazing for spring-summer. x