Pop in a Box – October

meeko pocahontas funko pop

Yay, it’s Pop in a Box time! It feels like I haven’t written about my PIAB in so long. I had a slight issue with September’s pop, so it had to be sent back, hence no post last month. Completely my fault though, remember to untick the pops you don’t want folks.

October’s pop on the other hand is absolutely perfect and comes in the form of Meeko from Pocahontas. I mentioned in my Favourite Female Characters post that Pocahontas is up there in my favourites. Meeko is one of my favourite little sidekicks too, so I was so glad when I opened this up.

meeko pocahontas funko pop

I absolutely loved Pocahontas when I was a little girl and was super happy when I saw that they were releasing pops. Meeko has been on my ‘to get’ list for so long, so the happiness was real when I opened him up. He is such a cute and mischievous little character and I feel like this pop shows it really well. I love the fact that he is holding his little biscuit, it’s details like this that I really appreciate on Funko Pops. He is slightly smaller than Pocahontas too which I like, as he looks really cute standing next to her and it wouldn’t have really made sense if they were the same size.

I am really happy with this pop and can’t wait to show you September’s replacement when it comes.


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  1. 30th October 2017 / 8:26 pm

    AWW HE’S PERFECT! I’ve wanted the Meeko POP since he was announced but as of yet I just haven’t managed to pick him up.

    I’d love to have him to keep by my bed, or on the desk in our office. ^_^

    I’d love to see a post of where you keep all your pops and why!

    Hope you’re well sweet. 😀