My favourite Female Characters

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Now is the time of year that I love to snuggle on the sofa with a good film or five. There is nothing better than cosy Winter evenings with blankets, hot chocolates and good movies. I have quite a varied taste in films, but my favourites have always been Disney (of course!) and comic book themed. This year I am looking forward to these evenings even more, as they will be the first movie evenings that we are having in our own house. Luckily, we managed to bring Lewis’ TV with him when we moved, or we would have had to consider our options – watching on the iPad, reenacting the films ourselves or saving for a Panasonic 4K TV* for example.

This has got me thinking about characters that have inspired or influenced me whilst growing up. I was very Disney orientated as a child, not that that has changed really. So obviously Disney had a huge impact on my life, especially the female roles. Even now, characters inspire me, so here are my top influences…

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Pocahontas – Such an underrated Princess. She was always one of my favourites growing up, the songs from the film are just wonderful and it really made me open my eyes to the wonders of nature. When I was younger I would look at every tree to see if it would talk like Grandmother Willow. I always wished they would.

Mulan – I remember going to the cinema with my mum to watch Mulan and falling in love with her. She is another underrated Princess and her story really stuck with me when growing up. I love that she is the hero and this made a welcome change to the Prince always coming to the rescue.

Poison Ivy – There is just something about Poison Ivy, that I have always found quite endearing. I know she is a villain but she is super sexy and I always wanted to look just like her. Maybe with a bit less ivy though aha. I went through a stage of wanting red hair for ages and I am starting to think that this is where it came from!

Belle – Now Belle was always going to be here wasn’t she! Growing up, I always aspired to be her. My favourite Princess wanting an adventure, to get away from her boring town. This is kind of how I am feeling lately, so maybe we are more alike than I thought.

Marceline – I just love Marcie, she is hands down my favourite character from Adventure Time. I love her style and personality. She is one of the newer characters here, but I love a vampire and she is definitely my favourite.

Storm – If ever there was a character that I would pretend to be growing up, it is Storm from X-Men. She was my go-to hero. I mean who doesn’t want to control the weather?!

Arwen – Lord of the Rings was completely my thing growing up. I think this is how I missed the Harry Potter stage as I was too busy being obsessed with LOTR. I absolutely love elves and Arwen is just flawless. Liv Tyler is just perfection anyway and there was nothing more that I wanted than Arwens necklace, but did I ever get one…no I did not. I’m not salty at all aha.

Ariel – Of course Ariel would be here as she inspired my mermaidy self. This is pretty much where my love of mermaids started. And I always knew when I grew up that I wanted to be a mermaid.

It was so hard to narrow it down to just a few, but these are my favourites. Who are your favourite female characters?

*This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts, words and Funko’s are my own.


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