Urban Decay Special Effects Topcoat – Monarchy

Urban decay monarchy topcoat

I can’t believe that I haven’t yet shown you the other Special Effects Topcoat that I got for my birthday. I mean, my birthday was way back in May! I just can’t seem to adjust to the fact that it’s August. It just feels so crazy to think that it will soon be Autumn, I love Winter and all that, but would like a little bit more Summer first please! Anyway, as well as opening the lovely and subtle Copycat on my birthday, I also received the shade Monarchy.

Urban decay monarchy topcoat swatch Urban decay monarchy topcoat review

In the bottle, Monarchy looks absolutely beautiful –  a rich purple shade with a slight holo effect to it. The glitter is made up of different shades of purple, which are all the same size. As there are so many possibilities with these topcoats, I thought I would test it out on a few different lipsticks like before.

Urban decay monarchy topcoat swatch

It’s funny how these topcoats look so different depending on the colour underneath. It looks so subtle on the first few shades, but the last one really makes it pop. I think as the lipstick leans more towards a purple shade itself, they go together really nicely. I must admit that this isn’t the easiest to apply though, no matter how hard I tried, it just looked patchy and wouldn’t even out. I found that you end up with quite a lot of product in one section and then hardly any on another.

Urban decay monarchy special effects topcoat Urban decay monarchy topcoat

Sadly, Monarchy is a bit of a funny one for me. As a colour it is really lovely, but to apply not so much. I just couldn’t even out the patchiness. Even when I tried to layer it, certain parts of my lip just wouldn’t take. Some of it could be down to the type of lipstick that I was trying to use underneath, creamy textures don’t seem to work very well. But as a whole, this just wouldn’t stick as well as Copycat.

The colour is pretty lovely though and I will definitely still find a use for it. I just need to experiment with bases and find the best one. Once the shiny bits hit the light, the effect is pretty magical and magical lips are always needed.

Have you tried Monarchy? What did you think?

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