Pop in a Box – August

belle funko pop

I can’t even describe the feelings that I had when I opened this month’s Pop in a Box. It still gets delivered to my parents house, so I get to pick it up when I pop in and see them (every day hahaha!). I figured that I wouldn’t want to take away them experiencing my joyful little face when I open the box now would I?! Its like Christmas every month. This month even more so, as I opened one of my favourite little Princesses – Belle.

As I have probably mentioned a trillion times, Belle is my love. Beauty and the Beast chokes me up every time I watch it, I just love the story and songs so much. So when I opened Belle with her lovely swishy dress, I was so, so happy. Strangely, the only other Belle Funko that I have, is Winter Belle. For some reason, I have just never got round to buying Peasant Belle Funko or the Original Belle (not that I really need to now I have this cute little thing).

belle funko pop

This Funko is just absolutely perfect. She is beautiful and her dress, posture and just all round Belle-ness is spot on. I really like this new set of Princess dresses, they are a lot more Princessy looking. Bolder, bigger and just better. I have found that the newer Funko’s seem to be painted slightly better than the older bunch too, finally! I mean some of the paint jobs before left a lot to be desired. I’m a big fan of this new bunch.

I can’t wait until I can set up my Funko shelves, I just need to decide how I want to set them up. All I know is that she is going to look so good next to Beast and I might even invest in Gaston to go along with them too.



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