Funko Time: Green Power Ranger

green power ranger funko pop

This Green Power Ranger Funko pop is Lewis’ pride and joy. I was never a huge Power Rangers fan when I was younger. My brothers loved it and I just knew that I always wanted to be the pink one. Lets face it, I would never choose another colour would I?! When they released the Power Rangers collection of Funko’s last year, I knew that I needed to get the green one for Lewis. Apparently he is the best one. Or so I keep getting told anyway.

funko time green power ranger funko pop

I couldn’t find him anywhere, but eventually managed to nab him. This was probably the most excited that Lewis has been opening a Funko up. He was more excited than I have been before and that is saying something! As I hardly see this colour in shops at all now, maybe he is the best one?

The paintwork on him isn’t too bad, there are a couple of white marks on his visor which are a bit annoying though. That’s the only thing with Funko’s, sometimes they look fine in their boxes, but when you get them out they can be damaged.

It is so much easier now our collections are together. We don’t have to fight over our pop children, they can all live together in harmony aha. We have started to collect the Pint Size Heroes too and after 3 Yellow Rangers, a Red and a Blue, we have finally managed to get the Green one. This addiction needs to stop.

Which Power Ranger is your favourite?


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  1. 3rd August 2017 / 6:25 am

    haha i was so obsessed with the power rangers when i was younger, and yep – obviously the pink one!

    this lil guy is cool

    katie xx