Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mists

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mists

I love a good old Duty Free shop. I could wander around for hours browsing, with Lewis trailing behind looking like he would rather be anywhere else. This holiday was no exception, although I ignored his sighs and carried on shoppppppping. Everytime I go to the airport, that makes it sounds like I’m always there aha, I pop into Victoria’s Secret. Normally I spray everything and leave with nothing. I am not very good with choices and there are lots of these when it comes to the Fragrance Mists.

I eventually left with 3, they were on offer so it would have been rude to just buy one! I couldn’t not use them on holiday, which is why Rush looks a little lower than the others. As you can see, not a lot was used for a weeks worth of spritzing though, so I have a feeling these will last forever!

I chose the following smelly goodness…

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mists amber romance
Amber Romance is my favourite of the three. It is the most perfect scent for winter, think log fires and just all round cosiness. The scent is mainly floral with a creamy musky hint to it.

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mists rush

Rush is a nice fruity, light scent. I wore this all holiday and it was perfect, very beachy! The smell is a little orangey, but not in a citrusy kind of way – a lot warmer!

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mists exotic

This is such a summery scent, it’s a bit citrusy with a slight cool cucumber hint to it. This starts off cool but gets slightly warmer.

I love all of these scents. They smell so good on their own, but can be sprayed on top of each other to make different smells. I love how long these last too, nice smelly things have a habit of wearing off me super quickly, but I can still smell these after a few hours which is always a good thing!

I definitely want to try some more, they smell so dreamy – just another excuse to go to an airport, I suppose!


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    • 11th October 2016 / 9:46 pm

      Oh definitely, ooh I have never smelt the Christmas scents! I may have to track these down 🙂