20 things I am excited for – Autumn/Winter Edition

autumn winter things I am excited for
I feel as though this year is just whizzing past my eyes and there’s not really much I can do to slow it down! I love the summer, but I hate being too hot and I love Winter months, but the constant darkness make me feel extremely low. I can’t really win. There are a few things that I love about all seasons though and lots of them will be cropping up in the next few months…

1. Autumn. Now that I am back from holiday I feel like I can fully embrace Autumn without sitting on a beach in-between and confusing myself with seasons. I know it is technically Autumn now, but I mean the Crunchy Leaf coldness that is yet to come, makes me excited.
2. Chunky knitwear, tartan scarves and blankets. I pretty much love anything that makes me cosy. I love nothing more than snuggling down with a million layers.
3. Knitting. I love knitting and crochet, but only ever seem to do it in the winter. I can’t bear the thought of touching wool in summer haha!
4. SNOW! I would love it to snow this year! Snow is my favourite (when I don’t have to go anywhere) and I feel we haven’t had a proper snow in ages.
5. Hot Chocolate. Give me all of the hot chocolates and don’t even get me started on the Christmas cups.
6. Halloween. As usual, the cutesy, kawaii side of Halloween is my favourite. Just keep the scary stuff away from me! I’m not very good with fear.
7. Pumpkin Carving. I know this sits with Halloween, but every year I try to carve a complicated pumpkin. I think I might try a Pokémon one this year.
8. Tights. I actually love wearing tights, the thicker the better.
9. Baking. My mum seems to bake a lot more cakes in the colder months and I am up for this.
10. Woodland walks. I love wrapping up and walking around when its cold in the hope of maybe seeing a squirrel or two.
11. Cat Cuddles. *crazy cat lady alert* my cats never sit on my lap in the summer, but as soon as the fleece blankets are on me, they are all over me. I love the cuddles!
12. Films. Nothing better than getting cosy, grabbing a hot drink and popping a film off.
14. Christmas Shopping. I absolutely love Christmas shopping, all of the festiveness makes me so happy.
15. Roast Dinners. I am not a massive fan of roasts normally, but there is something about a roast at Christmas that tastes completely different and oh so much better!
16. Quality Street/Roses. We have both in our house, but the competition is real. I have favourites from both tins, but mum is Quality Street only and dad is Roses only. Strange.
17. Christmas Films. This deserves its own point, as my life starts to revolve around Christmas films come November.
18. Themed Food. Anything Halloween/Christmas related I am a sucker for. I am talking Spooky Mini Rolls, Scary Pom Bear, Christmas Gingerbread Men. You get the gist!
19. Winter Clothing. Give me all of the velvet and lace!
20. Darker Lipsticks. Now is the time to dig out the darkest lipsticks I can find.

These are just a few things that I look forward to at this time of year. Do you look forward to any of these things too?


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  1. 1st October 2016 / 10:15 pm

    Christmas shopping is so much fun, I absolutely adore buying presents!
    I really hope it snows this year too!

    What a fab list. 🙂


    • 11th October 2016 / 9:46 pm

      Thank you lovely! 🙂