MAC Cremesheen Lipstick – Among The Fireflies

mac cremesheen faerie whispers
mac among the fireflies lipstick

I must admit I have walked past MAC’s Faerie Whispers collection a few times now without even feeling the pull that I normally get from the MAC counter. There was just something about it, that just didn’t draw me in. I did wander over there eventually though (lets face it I could never resist for too long) and fell a bit in love with Among The Fireflies Lipstick. Just goes to show you that even if some items shown in a collection are not your cup of tea, its worth having a proper look as sometimes there are hidden treasures inside too.

mac among the fireflies lipstick faerie whispers collection

Among The Fireflies was the only shade that was actually still in stock, which made a nice change as I usually go for the shades which have sold out months before. The finish of this lipstick is Cremesheen, which is the finish I find myself going for when I want an everyday lipstick. It is just so easy to apply and usually fades to give the lips a tinted colour.

mac among the fireflies lipstick swatch
mac among the fireflies lipstick review

This lipstick seemed to bleed quite a bit on me, which is a shame as Cremesheen’s are normally pretty spot on with the formula. I only had this on a few minutes before I took the photo, so a lip pencil would definitely be needed to stop this.

mac faerie whispers collection

Among The Fireflies is a light mocha shade with a slight hint of pink. I would say it is a bit like a bricky Terracotta shade. I know it sounds silly to compare a lipstick to a brick, but imagine that shade mixed with brown and that is the colour. Sometimes, I feel as though you cannot fault my colour comparison skills!

This isn’t the normal colour that I would go for but I needed a new everyday nude/pinky shade and this instantly stood out. The colour is very similar to Double Shot, but I find it a lot more wearable as it leans a bit more to the red.

The Faerie Whispers collection is indeed very pretty, but like I said it just didn’t have that stand out factor for me. I think the colours are slightly too pale for my liking. This lipstick was definitely the stand out item for me though and I am so glad I wandered over to the MAC counter and purchased.


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