weekend round-up

I’m so sorry about the lack of posting over the weekend, it has been absolutely hectic, which is unusual for me, usually I just slob around all weekend, but this one was completely different!

On Saturday I went to see one of my favourite bands play..Red Hot Chili Peppers! Eek. I bought the tickets for my boyfriend for his birthday, hoping he would take me too. Just a present for myself really ha. They were absolutely AMAZING, just brilliant. We had such a good time, even if we did get drenched and lost trying to find my dad who was picking us up! I couldn’t see a thing, but I didn’t really mind, see my boyfriend is over 6′ and I am only 5’2 so wherever he stood he could see and I always ended up with brattish kids in front of me blocking my view completely. That still didn’t detract from the amazing gig though!

Sunday was my best friends 21st birthday which I am still paying for now. A nice little BBQ and big amount of drink! This isn’t so good when you get called into work at stupid o’clock!

Hope you have all had a good weekend, did you do anything exciting? ♥


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