splash of sparkle

The sun has got his hat on..hip, hip hip, hooray! Well for now anyway, no doubt it will be pouring down again tomorrow. I always feel that whenever the sun comes out I need to put glitters on my nails in some form, just to watch the glitter sparkle in sunlight, a bit like Edward Cullen!
Sorry about the state of my nails in the pictures, I have the roughest hands ever. Like a builders hands hehe!
I have tried so many different hand creams, so any suggestions let me know!


I used nails inc. Pink Power (this was a freebie with InStyle magazine in May Post) as a base. This colour seems to be featuring on my handies quite alot, but I just love its pastel creaminess, reminds me a but of a milkshake! Then on my ring finger I used nails inc. Marylebone to create a nice little sparkle!

What do you lovelies think? ♥


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